The Red Balloons

                                                 Christmas Balloon release 2016
On Christmas Day 2016, Jamie would have been 18 years old, so Jamie's Dad, Brother and Stepmum went to his graveside and released 18 red balloons. On each balloon was a tag asking that if anyone found a balloon they would contact Jamie's Dad and nominate a child that the JAM Fund could assist. In total, 16 children have now received gifts on that basis.

20 year old Sam Smith from Bledlow Ridge Buckinghamshire and Lisa Baldwin from Abingdon Oxfordshire were just some of the people kind enough to respond to finding one of Jamie's Christmas Balloons.


    Ophelia from Northampton, with her new chair and books

    Sam from Aberdare with his £250 game voucher

    William who is in hospital in Oxfordshire with some of his new equipment.

In total 16 children received gifts of up to £250
each from the release of 18 red balloons
from Jamie's grave on Christmas Day 2016


On Christmas Day 2015, Jamie would have been 17 years old. I am releasing 17 red balloons from Jamie's graveside on Christmas morning, with the hope that (as last year) some of them may be found. IF YOU FIND ONE OF JAMIE'S BALLOONS PLEASE CONTACT ME by e-mail If you know of a child who is suffering from a serious illness or condition, Jamie's memorial charity (JAMFUND) will try and help the child that you nominate. The balloons were released from Barry cemetery (South Wales.)

Last year some balloons were found in Somerset at Christmas time and the Bournemouth area in March. Please help us to help a child with your simple nomination. Hopefully, Jamie has guided this balloon to you. you can also text me if you wish (07735 612709)

Thank you,
Paul Adamson, (Charity Chairman and Jamie's Dad)

Each year on Christmas Day (Jamie's birthday) since Jamie's passing in 2004, Jamie's parents released one red balloon for each year that he would have been alive, to celebrate his short life rather than mourn his loss. Since their separation in 2012 and subsequent divorce, Jamie's Dad now continues the tradition. In 2014, the idea was adapted somewhat, with a message attached to each balloon asking that if it was found, the finder e-mailed the charity. One balloon was discovered by a lady named Tina James on Boxing Day in the village of Havyatt near Glastonbury, the balloon having travelled 32 miles across the Bristol Channel. On March 17th, Paul received a second e-mail from a lady named Nicola Price. Nicola lives in Wimborne, Dorset and she discovered the balloon whilst working in her back garden at home. This balloon had travelled 69 miles in total!

Paul is now working with the local press agencies in both areas to hopefully assist a child in their communities.

Below is a clipping from the Central Somerset Gazzette Newspaper...