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The Jam Fund has entered teams into the annual event since 2005


The Jam Fund team of 2019

JAM Fund 2019 Cardiff Half Marathon team and supporters raise £14,000 for children across the UK.

The 2019 Cardiff Half Marathon has proven a huge success for the JAM Fund. 55 daring soles ran the 13 miles around the streets of Cardiff enabling the charity to assist a total of 17 children from many regions of the UK. The support for the team was also amazing with the supporters team making a huge difference to moral as the runners sped by. The charity organised an evening party to thank runners and supporters for their huge personal efforts enabling the charity to try to continue to make many small differences to children facing very difficult situations, many enduring chemotherapy and other treatments and like Jamie doing so with immense bravery and dignity.
It is ALWAYS important to the JAM Fund that people who are kind enough to offer financial support in sponsorship and direct donations, are able to see how and where their funds are used.To this end, the charity has a "your money" page on this website which enables anyone to reference the support the JAM Fund aims to offer. Bringing the story of the 2019 event to a close, the JAM Fund is assisting 11 children in S Wales and offering each early Christmas gifts to the sum of £250. The children's cancer unit at UHW is also receiving a donation of £1,000 and is selecting equipment to this value that is currently not in the budget.
The ward, the children's charity LATCH based at the hospital and the JAM Fund are liaising to organise a small party funded by the JAM Fund in which we hope a special early appearance may occur by the very important man in the red suit.

                                                   A personal note:
As chair person of the charity and Jamie's father, I really cannot express adequately how much it means to me that so so many people have come together to achieve this wonderful outcome. This coming Christmas Day(2019), Jamie would have been 21 years old. As his Dad, it is always a difficult day to go through and especially as his last birthday (his fifth) he spent being transferred from the children's cancer unit into high dependency suffering heart failure.It was an awful realisation that as a father I could not intervene to stop what was happening and my focus since has been to try to honour my youngest son's memory in trying to assist children like him and families like my own. I am immensely proud of the charity's achievements over the years, reaching milestones I never though possible, raising over £400,000 thus far and helping thousands of children along the way. NONE of this would have been possible without the dedicated support of all the people who have been kind enough to donate to and raise funds for, the Jamie Adamson Memorial Fund
As Christmas approaches I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved this year in the Cardiff Half Marathon event making these donations possible but I also spare a thought and send my condolences to the family and friends of Mr Nick Beckley who sadly passed away at the event.

Merry Christmas to you all and my very very sincere thanks.


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The 'Stars' of the 2019 run...
Runners and Supporters

Supporters Team

Royal Navy crew

Jamie's big brother and fellow supporters at Cardiff Bay
(and a big mention and thanks to David Jones for helping Paul
put the course banners out at 4 am!)

to see where the funds from the half marathon
were used please visit the past events page

Since 2005, JAM Fund teams in the Cardiff half marathon event have collectively raised tens of thousands of pounds.This has enabled our charity to purchase a wheelchair adapted minibus for a children's hospice and also to donate equipments to children's wards, special schools and individual children. Some children have also been assisted to travel to the USA for medical treatment.


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